Are you tired of hand ground screw flats on you your end mill and cutter shanks? Mill precise flats with our new Weldon Flat Tools. Having received so many returned tools with hand ground flats or no flats and deep screw marks on the shanks, we developed these. Using industry standard TPMT2-2 inserts, these will cut flats to Weldon shank flat specifications or longer linear flats in most part materials. Proudly made in the USA by AB Tools, Inc.

Weldon Flat Tools 1

Mill precise flats with our Weldon Flat Tools

Number Flat Width For these Shank sizes Number of Flutes Price
WFT280 .280 .375 1 $205
WFT330 .330 .500 2 $220
WFT400 .400 .625 2 $235
WFT455 .455 .750 & .875 3 $265
WFT515 .515 1.0, 1.25, 1.5 3 $285
WFT700 .700 2.0 3 $345

We mill Weldon Flats with the WFT515 in 4340 alloy steel hardened to Rc 46 @ 1500 RPM and .002 IPT.
These cutters will also mill the shanks on standard HSS end mills which are drawn to Rc 55.