The MOST precise extension holder you have ever used. Concentric within .0003; Hole size is plus .00015 and minus Zero. Improves rigidity, concentricity, and coolant effectiveness. Proudly made in the USA by AB Tools, Inc.

Accu-Hold MMH - All Metric 1
Number Hole Size Ø Decimal Size Shank Size Ø Overall Length Screw Size Price
MMH-03 3MM .118 10MM 82MM M2.5 $220
MMH-04 4MM .157 12MM 110MM M4 $200
MMH-05 5MM .197 12MM 110MM M5 $200
MMH-06 6MM .236 16MM 125MM M5 $205
MMH-08 8MM .315 20MM 135MM M6 $225
MMH-10 10MM .394 20MM 135MM M8 $275
MMH-12 12MM .472 25MM 150MM M10 $285
MMH-16 16MM .630 32MM 150MM M12 $315
MMH-20 20MM .787 32MM 150MM M12 $365
Accu-Hold MMH - All Metric 2