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Keyseat Cutters

Carbide Tipped

Ex-Long Carbide Tipped

Small Dia., Solid Carbide

Large Dia., Solid Carbide

Keyway Cutters, Standard, Solid Carbide

Keyway Cutters, Standard, Carbide Tipped

T-Slot Cutters, Standard, Carbide Tipped

Ex-Long Large Dia., Solid Carbide Keyseat Cutters

Slotting Tools, Solid Carbide, Reduced Shank

Picatinny Rails

Picatinny Rail Cutters

Male Picatinny Cutters

Picatinny Slot & Chamfer End Mill

Keymod Cutter

Charging Handle Slot Cutter

O-Ring Dovetail Cutters

Standard O-Ring Dovetail Cutters

Metric O-Ring Dovetail Cutters

Without Hole Drop O-Ring Dovetail Cutters

Half Dovetail O-Ring Dovetail Cutters

Special Quote Form

O-Ring Dovetail Cutters For Lathes

Dovetail Cutters

DSP Cable Groove Cutters

Solid Carbide, 1/8-1/4 Dovetail Cutters

Solid Carbide, 3/8-5/8 Dovetail Cutters

Corner Rounders

Solid Carbide Corner Rounders

Ex-Long Solid Carbide Corner Rounders

Full Radius, Top & Bottom Corner Rounders

Back Corner Rounders

Full Radius, Full Concave Corner Rounders

Carbide Tipped Corner Rounders

M42 Large Radii Corner Rounders

Thread Mills

Solid Carbide Thread Mills

ACME Thread Mills

Internal Thread Relief Mills

Bevel Cutters

Solid Carbide Bevel Cutters

Double Chamfer Cutters

End Mills

Chamfer End Mills

Taper End Mills

Lollipop Undercut End Mills

Solid Carbide, Reduced Shank End Mills

Top Hat Removal Tool


Angle Reference

Solid Carbide, .750 Ø to 1.5 Ø Dexi-Dovetails

Carbide Tipped Dexi-Dovetails

10º - 60º, Short Insert Dexi-Dovetails

20º - 60º, Long Insert Dexi-Dovetails

70º - 90º, Original Insert Dexi-Dovetails

70º - 90º, Wider Insert Dexi-Dovetails

All Purpose Indexable

Indexable End Mills

Chamfer Cutters

Back Chamfer Cutters


Spot-Dex Tools

Single Flute Chamfer-Hogs

Multi-Flute Positive Rake Chamfer-Hogs

Multi-Flute Negative Rake Chamfer-Hogs

Weldon Flat Tools

Linear Flat Tools


Saw Arbors

Accu-Holds, Standard

Accu-Holds, Metric

Accu-Holds, MMH - All Metric



Aluminum Milling Tests

Shell Mill Arbors

Shell Shear-Hogs®

T-Slot Shear-Hogs®

Shank Style Multi-Flute Shear-Hogs®